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The portrait is one of the most complex specialties of painting. Just like when we hear our recorded voice for the first time, we have a hard time identifying it, the same thing happens with our face, nobody sees himself as others see him. Hence the difficulty involved in getting a portrayed person to see himself as he recognizes himself in a portrait. I have always thought that a portrait is like a new friend whom the more you get to know, the more you love him. Undoubtedly, the portraitist has to dominate the technique and know how to measure with his eyes to get the resemblance, we are not going to take for good the anecdote that they tell about Picasso, that when he finished the portrait of a wealthy lady from high society and she told him: “That portrait bears no resemblance to me.” He replied: “ma’am, this is a Picasso, you are the one who has to try to look like the portrait.”

Indicative prices

Oil on board
50×70 cm
600 €

on paper
50×70 cm
170 €

Oil on canvas suitcase (The Journey of Life series)
35x70x20 cm
1700 €

My works are made with a technique close to impressionism, capturing the moment with a loose and creamy brushstroke, taking care of the textures and giving the portraits an atmosphere of spontaneity and closeness, far from the typical more classicist poses. I’m not just trying to make a portrait, I’m trying to create a work of art that, in addition to being a portrait, has enough quality and mastery to survive on its own, both the painter and the person being portrayed.

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